Monday, November 2, 2009

Gateway Arch: River in Flood

This morning the Mississippi River is flooding, though not seriously and expected to start receding by tomorrow, because of the tremendous amount of rain that fell here last week.

There are six-twelve inches of water covering the riverfront drive. The two sightseeing river boats are currently moored well above the brick waterfront apron where people often park while visiting the Arch.  

The second photo is from two days ago at the top of the Arch and shows the top of William Clark's hat on the bronze sculpture Captains' Return.

The third and fourth photos of Captains' Return are from last year when the river was at different stages. The river is in constant flux and not necessarily influenced just by local weather.

I took the fifth photo earlier this fall from a parapet on the Eads Bridge on the Illinois side of the river. Captains' Return is near the base of the bridge and well out of water.

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