Saturday, October 17, 2009

Gateway Arch: The View

I have featured Citygarden several times here since it opened this summer, and so has Bob Crowe.  These pictures will give the viewer an idea about where Citygarden is located.  I took them from the Arch on Saturday, a much needed, extraordinarily beautiful sunny day in St. Louis.

The first picture is a close up. Inexcusably, through some hidden brokering, someone(s) permitted the Peabody company to plant a skyscraper in the middle of the public park and garden aisle of center city, so you can only see the south side of the two blocks that make up the garden. Behind it, to the west, is the monumental Robert Serra sculpture, in a block of its own in front of Civil Courts Building.  How I wish someone would design and execute landscaping that would make the Serra pop!

The second picture shows the whole scene.  Citygarden is between 8th and 10th.  The Old Courthouse is between 4th and Broadway.  Blow them up for the full effect!

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