Monday, October 5, 2009

Nebraska: Great Horned Owl

A Great Horned Owl sat on the ground directly in front of our cabin for 20 minutes as we quietly watched  in the fading light.  It was almost cat-like, comfortable on the ground, head rotating considerably more than 180 degrees, and waiting.  Those "ears" are plumicorns, feather tufts having nothing to do with hearing, but they twitch like cats' ears.


  1. This is fantastic! Marvelous!

  2. Located one of these beautiful birds on one of my nightly walks. Seems to hang around the same area, more or less.
    Saw it sweeping between trees and buildings tonight, listening to its call.
    I am pretty sure it is a male due to the lower pitched calling.
    Saw it in flight the other night when approaching a lamp post around midnight. It took off flying, dropping a feather, when picked up was still warm to the touch at the point where it had been connected to the animal just a split second before.