Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Orangeville PA

Ed's grandmother, his father's mother, Pearl Delong, came from Orangeville.  We uncovered and scanned some photos from there earlier this year.  The terrain is distinctive. 

Last week on my most recent drive to Syracuse NY, getting our house ready for our return at the end of December, I went east by way of I 80 from Akron to I 81 in NE PA, passing by Orangeville.  A very short side trip brought me to this little town that time seems to have forgotten. With five hundred residents and the median age at over is a quiet place. I found the cemetery and a Delong stone, that of Pearl's uncle.  

Next summer during the trip to Ed's college reunion at Bucknell we will visit Orangeville, right on the way, and see what else we can discover at the cemetery and at the local library. Maybe we will find the family homestead. We have a photo.

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  1. I grew up outsideof Orangeville and Have been looking for old railroad photos from the area. These are great photos. Would you mind if I use them on my website?