Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gateway Arch: The Captains' Return

Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Seaman returned to St. Louis in 1806 after more than two years in scientific exploration of the northern part of the newly purchased Louisiana Purchase and beyond for the still-forming young nation.

The Captains' Return, sculpture by Harry Weber of Missouri, sits at the base of Eads Bridge at the northern end of the St. Louis waterfront. During floodtimes I have seen it totally submerged.  At lowest water you can walk around and below it.  This morning I was standing on rocks beside water lapping at the base of the Eads bridge abutment.

The river level changes dramatically because of weather far away from here out west along the Missouri and up north along the Mississippi.


  1. Check out for Sept 1 to see some other views of the Arch. Nice to see your photo, too.
    Lupine Lady

  2. That's one fine picture. How did you shoot it from that angle, from a boat? I like the morning light on their backs as they come ashore.

    This is my first comment from the air. This plane has Wifi and there's a free trial. So, hello from 30,XXX feet over central Illinois.