Monday, September 21, 2009

Gateway Arch

Here is news: Merry@St.Louis will be ending at the end of the year. Bittersweet news for us, we are returning to Central New York, from whence we came at this time last year.

Bitter only because we came to St. Louis and looked at it as an opportunity to explore a city new to us and full of amazing and wonderful things.  We found that and so much more.  First off, we found a neighborhood and neighbors we care about.  We learned a lot about this warmer bio zone and created a garden.  We savored the wonders of the city and region. We found my niece and love her to bits. We found we liked it here.

Sweet because we are going friends and family, to a house we love, to a region we feel at home in even in the dark and cold of winter; home to our bookgroup of 22 years, and to the Adirondacks and Ontario, to NYC; and to Rap-Shaw.

This week I am at Rap-Shaw, having driven three miles short of one thousand miles to get here from St. Louis on Monday and Tuesday.  For the next few days you shall see this Adirondack lake in the Fall, at low water.  There is a week's worth of pictures of early season Rap-Shaw on this blog back in June.

I have brought a carload of things too fragile to entrust to movers, and I will try to bring some order to the semi-annually-weeded garden.  Wish me luck.

I am considering a daily blog of my life in Syracuse which would begin in January 2010.  It will cause me to see Syracuse in ways I have not considered in the past.

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  1. I certainly hope that you do continue to blog.