Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hanover PA

This barn is just outside of Hanover PA, where we are until Friday.
We have traveled here because Ed's mother died back in May, and we are helping his brother work on dissolution of the family home. Their mom was 95 and living on her own.
If you have done this work, then you know that it is both a demanding and a rewarding task. It takes time to look at the accumulation of 3 generations. This family saved a lot of stuff. Just like my family. Maybe just like your family.
Do your kids a favor and get rid of some stuff. Now. End of lecture.
Hanover is between Gettysburg and Lancaster County and a few miles north of the Mason-Dixon Line. The houses and farms can be 200 to 250 years old.
This farm is less than a mile from a burgeoning commercial development of big box stores. In the background are the foothills of the Pigeon Hills, named for passenger pigeons, once possibly the most numerous bird on earth, now extinct.
Lots of other interesting things about this area and our trip, to be continued for the rest of the week.

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